The only podcast dedicated to geocaching in the Pacific NorthWest. We'll talk about caches and cachers in this little corner of the country.

How a GeoTour works


GeoTour in the Prague airport


Bonneville Bigfoots Search GeoTour


Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway GeoTour


Backroad Mapbooks GeoTour


Helena Montana GeoTour


Colorado's South Park GeoTour


Washington State Parks Centennial GeoTour


Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour


Gold Country GeoTour


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  • I really enjoyed your show on Geotours. It was fun hearing about all the amazing tours in the NW. It was especially hearing about the NW Geotour at the Prague Airport. Our Church sends a team to the Czech Republic every year. I sent the link to our Pastor who is an avid Geocacher. Thanks for all the fun shows! AKERDoc (Frank Moore)

    posted by: AKERDoc on 2014-09-15 06:29:25

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